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Fortificación de alimentos con hierro y zinc: pros y contras desde un punto de vista alimenticio y nutricional

La deficiencia nutricional de ciertos minerales como el hierro y zinc afectan a la población a escala mundial con graves efectos sobre la salud dependiendo fundamentalmente del grado de incidencia y de la magnitud de la deficiencia.

Fortification Strategies to combat Zinc and Iron Deficiency

Food fortification is an important strategy to combat iron and zinc deficiency. This review covers the basic concepts of food fortification, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. The main characteristics of the most common zinc and iron compounds used in this procedure are also analyzed.

Iron Bioavailability from Fortified Fluid Milk and Petit Suisse Cheese Determined by the Prophylactic–Preventive Method

In this research, we measure the iron bioavailability of micronized ferric orthophosphate when it is used to fortify low-fat fluid milk enriched with calcium and petit suisse cheese using the prophylactic–preventive method in rats.

Morphologlcal evaluation of Liposomal Carriers

Iron is one of the most important element for human, because it plays an essential role in many metabolic processes. On the other hand, it is also known to be dangerous for its effect on human cells, where, in the absence of homeostatic balance, it can, induce free radical formation. Moreover, a tissue excessive accumulation can produce iron overload, a condition incompatible with life.

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