Liposomes utilization belongs to nanotechnology.

They are vesicular structures, very similar to the body cell membrane, with double lipid membrane, which prove to be particularly interesting in the biomedical field as a delivery system, pharmaceutically active substances.

The use of liposomes as carriers is significant for active substances that have a low therapeutic index because they allow for a reduction in the concentration of the active substances, improving bioavailability and reducing side effects.

Liposomes offer a protective structure for the active principles, while improving absorption due to their similarity with the cell membranes. Hydrophilic substances are incorporated into liposomes, whereas lipophilic substances are incorporated into the membrane.

Liposomal Creams

Unlike non-liposomal creams that acts on the epidermis, liposomal creams act within it, releasing the active principles, as they work from the inside out. Liposomes are introduced in the epidermis and they release their active principle continuously.

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