Calcium source of high solubility and
stable source in microdispersion


Stablized Calcium Sources

Our mineral salts not only add value to our customer´s products by giving them specific nutritional properties, but algo they pave the way for focusing their business on special nutritional needs and better positioning in the market.

By incorporating essential minerals, standard products become a functional alternative for specific market segments.

stabilized calcium gluconate

Biocal A.A.S.®

Calcium source of high solubility

High Solubility

The high solubility allows mineral sources to be incorporated in small volumes as product constituents.
The high solubility facilitates the incorporation of the mineral sources into the food process.

stabilized tricalcium phosphate

TriCalcium Phosphate A.A.S.®

Calcium source stable in microdispersion

Stable in microdispersion

Stability in micro-dispersion allows mineral sources not to precipitate, thus not altering the taste while undergoing thermic processes without any inconvenience.

Nutritional Definitions

Lipotech S.A, founded and led by scientific researchers, has been a world leading company in research, development and production of mineral additives for the food industry for more than 25 years.
Our responsibility, experience, reliability and commitment have made national and international leading companies select us as their suppliers.

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